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Lez Stand Up Presents: THE OPEN MIC at Kickstand Comedy Space — Lez Stand Up

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Lez Stand Up Presents: THE OPEN MIC at Kickstand Comedy Space

Lez Stand Up Presents: THE OPEN MIC is happening every Monday in the basement theater at Velo Cult Bike Shop and you are invited to come be a part of this excellent creative work out space! 
Each week we will feature 4-5 super special deluxe acts of comedy in addition to 15 open spots where you can show off your comedy brilliance.

This open mic will focus on storytelling, characters, sketches, musical comedy pieces, and expressions of love and hilarity. We are able to use the projector for any of your multi-media presentations and will feature local queer talent in a fabulously safe space*.

Sign up in person at 7:30 for a 3-5 minute spot on the line-up.

*Safe space enforced: Lez Stand Up does not allow hate speech, derogatory bullshit, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or any bigoted nonsense of any kind. This is a safe space for women and all gender expressions, POC, queers, and sexual minorities. Please direct any questions/concerns to Caitlin Weierhauser.


This week:

MONDAY JANUARY 5th!!! The first Lez Stand Up of 2015 is starting the year off RIGHT!!! We've got Diane Gasperin, Becky Braunstein, Andie Main (who will be performing with live MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT) & Katie Rose Leon!!! all lined up for your enjoyment. Hosted with ridiculous amounts of enthusiasm by me, Kirsten Kuppenbender! Please come and join in our stupid-fun, yet deeply professional talent show. (sign up at 7:30pm)