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The Lez Stand Up Show @Curious Comedy Theater — Lez Stand Up

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The Lez Stand Up Show @Curious Comedy Theater

Just in time for Halloweentime, Lez Stand Up greets you with ghoulish enthusiasm and witchy hilarity at Curious Comedy Theater for a positively poltergeist-packed performance! 
(Turns out it's not spelled "Poultrygeist". That, turns out, is a chicken ghost. Which, turns out, isn't even real.)
Bring your shamans, shawomans, shapeople, and srsly every crystal you own. You'll need them. 

Featuring the all-star Lez Stand Up cast:

Kirsten Kuppenbender

Diane Gasperin

Laura Anne Whitley

Caitlin Weierhauser

Mel Heywood

Bob Wolf


Stay tuned for more details! We love you!