Lez Stand Up


This Weekend! Gay City Health Project presents Lez Stand Up!

Oh my gosh. You guys. We are so stoked to be heading to Seattle this weekend. Gay City Health Project, a radical health organization, is hosting us ALL WEEKEND. You'll have three chances to see Portland's very own queer, female oriented LESBIAN comedy troupe Lez Stand Up, plus some of our favorite local queer talent, at the Calamus Auditorium.

Hosted by Kirsten Kuppenbender and Bob Kendrick, with sets from our own Jes Rega, Diane Gasperin, Mel Heywood, Sister Brit, Laura Anne Whitley and Caitlen Weirhauser! Damn! Plus, nightly appearances from Seattle's finest (not the coffee, guys) Elicia Sanchez, Danielle Radford, Sadie Blake and Abbey Drake! 

Friday and Saturday doors open at 7, shows start at 8, and Sunday night the show starts at 7. We'll have merchant for sale, as well as info on how to support and be a part of radical, empowering comedy goodness!  

Also! Bonus! Exciting! On Sunday, arrive early for a panel discussion at 5pm on how to start YOUR VERY OWN comedy show! Hey, that's what we did! Elicia Kupp, and Danielle Gregoire will be sharing their experiences and offering all the advice you'll need to become badass lady producers, just like they are.

Tickets are 12 bucks and can be purchased here! This event is 18 and up, cuz we swear and May or may not talk about scissoring.


From their website, www.gaycity.org:

Gay City Health Project is a multicultural gay men’s health organization and the leading provider of HIV and STI testing in King County. Our mission is to promote wellness in LGBT communities by providing health services, connecting people to resources, fostering arts, and building community. 

Since 1995, Gay City has been providing innovative community-driven programming that is frank, bold and reflective of contemporary LGBT culture. From HIV testing to smoking cessation classes to arts programming and recovery work, our health initiatives engage the LGBT community on multiple levels. This approach is designed to result in sustainable and long term change, and allows people to bring their whole selves to the table. Gay City provides a place for the LGBT community to engage, learn skills, strategize and become leaders.

With a recent expansion to a new, larger space, Gay City has increased its commitment to supporting programs that respond to the needs of all LGBT individuals, and to promote the comprehensive wellness – physical, mental, social, sexual, and spiritual – of Seattle’s LGBT communities. In addition to an expanded Wellness Center, Gay City's new facility includes the 5,000 volume Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library, Seattle's LGBT Resource & Referral Center, and the Calamus Auditorium, which features a broad range of arts programming. The new Gay City serves as a resource hub and social destination where Seattle’s LGBT community will come together to connect with each other in meaningful ways, to reflect on our changing identities and roles in society, and to foster and develop leadership for the years to come.


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Ok, that's all. See you this weekend, Seattle!