Lez Stand Up


Kirsten Kuppenbender

Kirsten Kuppenbender came out of the womb laughing, which was a concern to the staff at Good Samaritan Hospital, but not to her mom and dad who were too drunk to notice. Her unfortunate upbringing has provided her with a quick wit and a lack of any real expectations! Kirsten, or "Kupp" as she is known to literally everyone, attended Atlantic Theater Acting School in New York City where she studied for years to become a Professional Auditioner. She is the curator and a founding member of Lez Stand Up and is eternally stoked about it!!!!

Caitlin Weierhauser

Portrait - Caitlin Weierhauser 85.JPG

Caitlin Weierhauser spent her childhood in an Ewok tree fort with a rubber band cross-bow, her wolf, and a budding resentment of The Man. She grew up to be a tantrum-prone queer, feminist, vegan liar that creates safer comedy spaces and is never happier than when she's mad. 


Caitlin is a member of Lez Stand Up and has performed at All Jane Comedy Festival, Bumbershoot, and Bridgetown Comedy Festival. She was included in the AfterEllen list of "40 Hot Queer Ladies in Comedy," and plans to take down the patriarchy by Christmas.

Laura Anne Whitley


Laura Anne Whitley is a comedian, storyteller and writer based in Portland, Oregon. 


She’s a queer jew from Alabama who loves Dungeons and Dragons, intersectional feminism and conspiracy theories. Her comedy is described in the same way she is: sassy, charming and full of surprises.


Laura Anne is a performing member and producer of Lez Stand Up: a Portland based, all queer, feminist comedy collective and showcase which performs up and down the west coast. Lez Stand Up was voted “Best Comedy Show in Portland” by the readers of the Willamette Weekly in 2016, and has been featured in Paste Magazine, After Ellen, and Travel Magazine’s “Essential Portland Comedy.”


Laura Anne performs all over the PNW, including Seattle’s Gay City Arts, Not Enough!: A Queer Art and Performance Festival, Slant Storytelling Series and TBA 2016. She was featured as the opening act for Adrienne Truscott’s award winning show “Asking For It” in 2015.

Mel Heywood


Mel Heywood is a longtime member of Lez Stand Up, and a recovering ex-Mormon with a heart of gold and a bod for sin(gle serving pizzas).  


Mel has appeared in a multitude of shows (Mortified, Friends with Benedicts, Get Wetter, Homomentum, That's What She Said, Seattle's Gay City Arts, Get Nervous) and podcasts (Your Fault For Listening, A Very Special Episode), and is a former member of the cat-based performance art/comedy group, "Cattitude Dance Ensemble".


She spearheaded the experimental "LSU Comedy School" collective in Fall of 2016, and is the co-producer of "Cult Status" at the Siren Theater in Portland, OR.

Diane Gasperin



Diane Gasperin, the daughter of Italian and Hungarian immigrants, grew up in Rockland County, NY with a pet duck named Odie. She is a lover of all animals and a wearer of bolo ties. Her observant wit is often peppered with sentiments of nerdy outrage. In addition to performing with and co-founding Lez Stand Up, Diane has performed at Mortified, Back Fence PDX and at All Jane No Dick. She would love to try out some new material at your next family reunion.

Bob Wolf

Bob Wolf is a regular performer with Lez Stand Up, often co-hosting alongside founding father Kirsten Kuppenbender  in an array of characters such as Ruth McCallahan (the lesbian separatist musician and Back to the Land Line activist), Tammy Fae Butcher (the half-butch drag version of Tammy Fae),  and Yohanna Joanne (Kupp's over-involved therapist who shows up uninvited). Bob's mortal shell has often been possessed by such musical talents as Miley Cyrus, Michelle Shocked and Ani Difranco!